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By becoming a Flourishing School!

By 2024 it is our goal to work with 1000 schools for their school year certifying the entire staff in our Flourishing Educator model which will give teachers the tools to support students struggling with their mental health that keeps within their scope of practice to educate.

In this school year your school will receive:

 Certification for your entire staff

 PD days of scaffolding the material and applying it to each classroom.

 An Educator Coach who can help teachers work through the tough issues.

 A Parent Coach who can work with the parents of the school so home and school works as a village.

We are changing the game in mental health starting with the two places students spend most of their time: School and Home.

to start the process and be a part of the solution to our mental health crisis.

We provide educators with a




We provide educators with a


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 join US on November 19-20


ONE TIME OFFER of this price!

Here’s to the innovative educators who are leading the way to reimagine education.

To the educators who don’t deny the devastation covid has caused for young people, but are committed to finding new solutions for students to experience mental well-being, purpose, and belonging despite the odds.

Innovative educators are redesigning a new path for students by being trailblazers in Education. You can’t ignore them because they believe in the future of their students.

If that’s you, then this certification is for YOU!
We understand teachers are exhausted and stressed wondering how to support students in the complexity of today’s world. 

We provide educators with a 2 DAY CERTIFICATION

that gives them everything they need to support students with their mental health and resilience so that students can learn, grow, and flourish.

You are not

“just an Educator”


 Providing students with the tools to build resilience

 Building capable, strong leaders

 Creating a culture of empathy that can end bullying and suicide

 Creating a strong generations that will have healthy attachments rather than addictions

 Making a way for strong innovators to rise up

Educators are more important than ever, but many feel they lack the skills to impact and teach students in the way they desire.

Our 2 Day Certification will not be about teaching you more knowledge, but taking practical evidenced based tools you need RIGHT NOW and APPLYING them into your school year. With lots of experiential learning, you will leave with a plan of implementation that will not only help your students thrive this year, but also prevent you from burning out.

In this 2 DAY CERTIFICATION we include:

4 pre work video modules from Dr. Wayne Hammond

Our Flourishing Life Assessment which measures the 10 core competencies of flourishing and a full assessment report

Cutting edge innovation on the science of flourishing, and why this is a better goal than just resilience.

Experiential learning so you don’t just listen, but you put the tools into practice!

You will receive:

Certification as a “Certified Flourishing Educator ™”

 An Evidence-Based and Practitioner-Focused Model,

 Live Instruction With A Live Facilitator,

 An Online Portal With Additional Resources,

 4 Online Pre-work Preparation Modules,

 4 Online Post-Course Support Modules,

 Training To Interpret The FLQ, and Ongoing Authorization To Purchase and Use The FLQ With Your Clients,

 28 Hours of Continuing Education Credit,

 A One-on-One Follow Up Session With Your Facilitator,

 Access To Our Monthly Certified Flourishing Coach™ Support Webinar,

 Private Facebook Community

Tools you will walk away with:

 Our 6 step CHANGE model mapping out how to bring students from anxiety/depression to flourishing.

 A one year flourishing plan for yourself to prevent burnout

 A school year growth plan

 Self care strategies that work

 Trauma informed education tools

 How to create belonging in your classroom

 How to create connection, and not just like the concept.

 How to build connection among staff members

 How to build bridges of connection with parents/caregivers to be the student’s village

 How to have tough conversations and conflict resolution tools

 Boundaries for educators


Dr. Wayne Hammond
Dr. Wayne Hammond is a founding partner and CSO with Flourishing Life Technologies in Calgary, Alberta and holds an adjunct status with Ambrose University and the School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Over the past twenty-five years, he has primarily worked with complex youth and their families and is considered a leading expert on the concept of resilience and positive psychology and its application to positive youth and adult development as well as enhancing strengths capacity building and well-being in the context of academic, organizational and community culture. He has served in clinical supervisory capacities, worked in a comprehensive residential treatment centre and has provided clinical services in an inpatient/outpatient forensic setting as well as an adolescent comorbidity program based in a hospital setting. As part of his professional practice, He has published several scientific articles, developed an innovative framework for evaluating resilience and human flourishing. He has also been an active lecturer with regards to understanding the role of human flourishing and well-being and the implications for nurturing positive coping and mental health through a strength-based approach of preparing people and organizations to thrive.
Heather Bell Williams
Heather Bell Williams is an Author, Coach, Consultant, and Retired Principal.

Heather is an experienced leader in all levels of public education of 33 years, and facilitates professional learning for school leaders with a focus on instructional leadership, inclusionary practices, and school improvement.

Connie Jakab
Connie Jakab has been a professional speaker and has been working in resilience and flourishing for over 20 years. Starting with youth at risk and gangs in East Vancouver, Connie has been researching how community creates resilience and mental wellness her entire career through a sociological lens. She has owned and started three companies, along with a non-profit from scratch, growing her businesses to empower others to grow and expand their personal potential. Her passion to see others reach their potential has allowed her to oversee regional and national high-performance teams. She has been working to ignite Brave Communities and Collaborations in teams for over 20 years.

She is the author of three books, the third one selling out within the first six months. Connie has spoken on stages all over North America, impacting audiences with her passion and compassion. Her engaging storytelling won Connie the opportunity to meet and share the stage with Tony Robbins. Connie was recently given the award “Woman of Inspiration Top 150 in Canada” for her passion to see others flourish.
Abe Brown, MBA
Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is the Coach’s Coach, and is people-first as an entrepreneur, professional speaker, international best-selling author, and high-performance leadership coach. He is the Founder of Certified Flourishing Coaching™, the Flourishing Coaching Program™, and Flourishing Workplace.

Having trained and certified over 8,000 coaches in 20 countries and having been a practicing therapist for over a decade, Abe is known for fusing together an evidence-based coaching model with the psychology of human flourishing. He is most passionate about supporting people, relationships, entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits to thrive. Based on the idea that when people flourish, society and organizations can thrive, Abe is also driven to support workplace mental health and changing the world by changing the workplace with our Flourishing Workplace™ model.

Abe earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business, and a Master’s in Religious Education and Counselling.

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